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The future of cemetery record management!

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Getting Started

Consolidate your cemetery records for one-click management.

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Clients and Testimonials

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Memorial and marker management

NewCom's newest product innovation will include the ability to manage marker and monuments within your cemetery properties.  Call us for details.


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NewCom's Cemetery Management Software is now designed to operate within an Esri SDE environment, moving our software to a true GIS enterprise multi-user environment.


Client sites across North America

Creston, Iowa
June 2016
NewCom Technologies’ NewCom Cemetery Management Software selected by the City of Creston for Graceland Cemetery

Clendenin, West Virginia
July-August 2016
NewCom Technologies Assists Flood Devastated Clendenin, West Virginia

NewCom's Cemetery Management System.

All cemetery management systems and software are not created equal. NewCom has created the missing link for cemeteries that want the power and sophistication of today's newest technology.  NewCom's CMS is based on GIS ( Geographic Information Systems) technology,  which provides a comprehensive map based program to assist with cemetery property and record management.  Avoid the pitfalls of paper maps and record systems and maintain all your records within one easy to use software system.

NewCom's cemetery management system is an easy to use map program. Click on a plot and up pops a listing of all information available for that piece of land.

From that first click on the map you can:

  • Begin your task with an easy search
  • Sell & lockout lots to avoid duplicate selling
  • Generate a custom deed
  • Enter unlimited interment data and photos
  • Print a custom visitor map
  • Prepare a report for any regulator
  • Issue any number of permits

Don't let the technology scare you, NewCom's CMS is a simple point and click application. There is no need to be an expert in a map program or GIS. Our software application is intuitive and allows most functions to be done real-time with no advanced knowledge required.

As it is said, "A picture tells a thousand words...". NewCom's CMS uses a map view of your cemetery to allow you to sell or reserve burial spaces, generate rights of burial or deeds, track information on interments, the deceased and grave site information.

Call for your a free interactive demonstration and see for yourself. 

Need an easy to use software, call us now at 800-626-6234 or complete the form below to have one of our product specialists contact you.

NewCom's Current Client Spotlight  

July-August 2016

NewCom Technologies Assists Flood Devastated Clendenin, West Virginia

After a devastating June flood destroyed the cemetery records of Clendenin, West Virginia Erik Bledsoe reached out on behalf of the City of Clendenin to NewCom Technologies for help recreating cemetery interment records and NewCom eagerly stepped up to help. 

The City of Clendenin has two cemeteries Koontz and Mary Osborne both which are owned by the City with all operations and maintenance managed by donations of time and money “We cannot use general funds and there is no budget for managing the records,” Bledsoe said.

NewCom President, Dana McCarthy, enthusiastically committed NewCom to help Clendenin get back to normal.  McCarthy cited the destructive 1993 floods in Iowa as motivation for aiding Clendenin. “I remember how helpless we felt as our city water plant failed and the confluence of the of the Des Moines and Raccoon Rivers crested 14 feet above flood stage.” McCarthy said.

In July NewCom sent down two GIS/GPS Technicians, Dan Petro and Matt Vande Kamp to walk out both cemeteries. The walk outs included recording and drawing visible features such as lot cornerstones and various types of grave makers and taking GPS points. Information from the walk outs were entered into NewCom’s Cemetery Management System to create the land map of the cemeteries using GIS (Geographic Information System) software calculations. Also collected were photographs of all the gravesite markers to gather interred data to add to the GIS file. Ownership information was gathered from legacy written and oral data of residents. Old maps stored at the house of Clendenin Council Member, Mike Stout were used to reconstruct the visual layout of the plots and lots.


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